• Our online table tennis program will help you improve your table tennis skills, fitness and coordination, all in the comfort of your own home! Table tennis is a great sport to enjoy at home but also has benefits for mental and physical wellbeing.

    • Table tennis is a great fun way for the family to stay active and healthy
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Free online coaching sessions on YouTube 

    We originally created Table Tennis Active during the first Covid lockdown to help families access table tennis and movement training at home. We distributed over a thousand table tennis sets to families all over Leicester. The project has been supported by Table Tennis England and Ping, the Leicester and District Table Tennis League, local club Leicester Electricity and Ellesmere College. 

Table Tennis Active Session 1 - Grip and Stance with Harry White

Table Tennis Active - Dynamic Flex Warm Up with Matthew Daish

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Our Table Tennis videos will help you improve your table tennis skills, fitness and coordination.

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